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Our purpose is to help men with erectile dysfunction choose the right penis pumps and associated products to enjoy sex. Penile vacuum pumps used with a cock ring assist the body in producing a firm erection for the duration of intercourse, making them a common sex aid for men and an effective, powerful solution for erectile dysfunction.

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Vacuum pressure generated inside the penis pump is well-suited for achieving bigger penis size and penile therapy.

Vacu-Tech has provided both men and women with custom manufactured vacuum enlargement products for over 30 years; pioneers in the area of sexual enhancement, enlargement & body shaping.

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Encore Deluxe Penis Pump Vacuum Erection Pump w/ FREE S&H. Encore Deluxe includes Battery and Manual pump heads.

Best Penis Pumps of 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide. Looking for the best penis pump ever? Virility has a lot to do with a man’s confidence and the state of his social calendar.

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Apr 26, 2018 · April 26, 2018 — A life-extending drug pump for cancer patients will no longer be available because the manufacturer has decided to stop making it. The Codman pump is implanted in the abdomen and sends high doses of chemotherapy directly into the liver for cancer that has spread there, typically

Do you want to learn how to make the best use out of your penis pump? Uncover the secrets to penis enlargement efficiency

Using a penis pump is effective in increasing penis size, but efficiency is dependent on proper usage for maximum gains and safety

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Learning how to make a homemade penis pump isn’t very difficult. If you understand how a penis pump works, constructing one is quite simple. Well, a penis pump creates a vacuum That forces more blood than usual into the penis causing it …

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The before and after penis enlargement is real. It can be done with either pills, pumps, creams, or surgery. Check out all the results done naturally without surgery.