Nylon Worm Gears

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Gears – Precision Gears made to your specifications or any gears copied using your old or broken gears as a sample. Gears made for any lathe or milling machine including all machinery gears, All types of gears fabricated for example delrin plastic gears, plastic gears, Brass Gears bevel gears, spiral gears, worm and worm gears, spur gears

*Special Considerations need to be taken if the Pitch Line VELOCITY exceeds: 1200 FPM for Metallic Spur Gears Or 2400 FPM for Helical Gears or Nonmetallic Spur gears

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The engineering team at Miller Plastics can manufacture long-lasting and corrosion-resistant plastic gears for your needs. We can also reverse engineer and reproduce gears from your broken samples.

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Worm gear design parameters. Worm gears provide a normal single reduction range of 5:1 to 75-1. The pitch line velocity is ideally up to 30 m/s.

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Circle Gear and Machine Company manufactures herringbone and double helical gears as well as small parts.

COUPLINGS: Bellows Flexible Membrane Universal/Lateral- Offset Sliding Disc- (Oldham) Beam Couplings Flexible Jaw Double Loop Adj. Frict. Clutches Bore Reducers

Worm Gears are right angle drives providing large speed ratios on comparatively short center distances.

Gear Racks: Precision, Commerial, Inch, and Metric . SDP/Si is a well-known manufacturer of high precision standard and custom gear racks.

Circle Gear and Machine Company manufactures custom spur gears in small or large sizes.

Custom Plastic Gears Manufacturer and Off-the-Shelf Inventory. SDP/SI is a AS 9100 certified precision gear manufacturer and producer of custom plastic gears, bevel gears, spur gears and more.